A molecular biologist from Zurich wins Zurich heat

Gagnants à Zurich

The first FameLab competition took place at the theater hall of the University of Zurich on Saturday, 14th of January. Of the nine candidates, 5 were selected to participate in the weekend masterclass in science communication in Hotel Worbenbad near Biel: Bechara Saab, Sinead Griffin, Aditi Maheshwari, Fabio Ugolini and Fabian Jenny. Fabian Jenny, a PhD student in Molecular Life Sciences won the FameLab Zurich with his presentation that related fly research with novel insights in cancer signaling. After the masterclass with 5 regional finalists that will be selected in Geneva, Zurich and Geneva finalists will all meet in the National FameLab finals in Zurich on 30th of March at 7 pm in Bar-bookshop Spheres.